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Where's my Course?!

If the course you've been taking seems to have disappeared from your "My Courses" Quick Links, click the "Find Courses" tab at the top and use the drop down menu to access either "Past Courses" or "Future Courses".  All GullNet courses are tied to a particular term (e.g. FA13 UNDG) and go by the official dates that the term runs. If a course is listed under a term but the course actually runs past the end of the term and crosses over into the next term, these courses stop being "Current Courses" and become "Past Courses" and disappear from "My Courses" 15 days after the previous term's end date.  Likewise, a course tied to the next semester, will be a "Future Course" until 15 days prior to the start of the new semester.  

Good to Know

  • The GullNet server is set to timeout at 60 minutes. This means if you're logged in and not actively working in GullNet, you'll be logged out at 60 minutes and may lose your work. Also note that GullNet access and network speeds can vary from off campus depending on the network you're working from (Comcast XFinity, Verizon FiOS, etc.) Please plan accordingly.
  •  If you are having an issue with a GullNet feature that is not working for you as it should, the first thing to do is  try another browser!    As new browser versions are released, GullNet sometimes experiences occasional hiccups where some features seem to work better in certain browsers and not others, so please try another browser and report the issue to